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Once a Fatherless Son

Written By: MrWiseIntuition


Growing up without my biological dad did more damage to me than I realized. Let me explain… Growing up my father wasn’t in the picture as he went off to the Navy. I had an amazing stepfather who stepped in and went above and beyond for me too. However, the fact remained that I felt a certain level of EMPTINESS because he wasn’t MY FATHER. Read More


My Top 5 Daily Healthy Habits

Written By: Vanessa Ortiz


AS A MOM, A PROFESSIONAL OR JUST AN ADULT, LIFE GETS EXTREMELY “BUSY.I’ve found that I’m either making my way through weeks at a time just going through the motions or very overtaken by the demands of life. I for one struggle with BALANCE. Recently, I’ve seen a quote “Stop The Glorification of Busy” Read More



Written By: Vanessa Ortiz


SAME FEMALE, DIFFERENT MENTALITY AND JUST A SPLASH OF MATURITY! In one photo I see a girl that is bursting with potential without so much as a single clue on how to apply what’s on the inside to the real world. In the other photo a woman who has recognized that her life is the LESSON, for herself and others! The road to get there? ROCKY! Read More


Update On Gene!

Written By: Genesis Morgan


Hey guys ! I’m back! Some of you may have been wonder where’s Gene? What’s she up to? And the truth is – ALOT! Read More


27 Life Lessons For Chapter 28

Written By: MrWiseIntuition


Who would have thought chapter 27 would have been such a learning experience? I’ll tell you what? I sure didn’t expect it by a long shot! From beginning to the end I was slammed with feelings of being uncomfortable, having anxiety, and lacking confidence. Some days were excellent, while others I barely managed to get through them. My last few days of being 27 were ones to remember! READ MORE



Written By: Vanessa Ortiz


THERE WAS THIS PHOTO I LOST AND THAT I LOOK FOR FROM TIME TO TIME. I remember it captured me sitting on the couch, long hair freshly pressed, looking over at the television. It was my birthday. The picture always struck me deep down inside because I remember being able to feel exactly what I felt the exact moment the picture was taken. That instance where you can literally relive a moment. The one thing the picture didn’t capture was my crippling sadness. READ MORE