” Starting BSOM in 2012 “


Very First Logo

Way back in 2012, I felt there weren’t many POSITIVE outlets for women that looked like me or even came from where I came from. I found that the women I was around often had defenses, never realizing that the very next woman is made from the very same thing, cries over the very same hurt and wants to be loved in the same way! I wanted a platform that was relatable but mainly uplifting and inspiring. I want women to CONNECT! Form a COMMUNITY!

FullSizeRender 2

My relationship with Genesis really sparked it all! About a decade apart in age, I looked through her and loved her heart most of all. Her ability to be vulnerable and honest about who she was has always been an ability I loved. Through the years, we have gone back and forth in roles of “Teacher” and “Student” Most importantly is the friendship it all created! She is a wonderful woman and I know so many more that are so valuable to me!



I hope that we display our hearts well through-out the site! It is truly a labor of love!

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