Our Mission


– Women Empowerment Brand –


LAUNCH DATE: July 17, 2017


Mission Statement

To create a community of women and men that are well represented. Building a body of work that is inspiring, uplifting and captivating. We are driven to deliver our content by profound past experiences, which allows us to share not only in a passionate way but to also give you useful tools to promote healing, growth, and progression.


In 2012, Vanessa and Genesis both felt there weren’t many POSITIVE outlets for women that looked like them or shared the same experiences. They found that the women surrounding them would often have their defenses up, never realizing that as women we are all essentially the same. Women all cry over the very same hurt and wants to be loved in the same way!  Ness and Gene wanted a platform that was relatable, uplifting and inspiring. The mission is to create a platform for women to CONNECT! Form a COMMUNITY!