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January is going to be interesting! I’ll explain…..

At one point in life, I found myself saying “I want to have a good conversation.” A LOT! It’s so interesting that there are conversations with certain people can bring out so much from us. Some good, some not so good.

So, recently I was having a conversation that made me feel very unappreciated. My natural reaction was “WELL I MATTER TO ME.” “I CHOOSE ME.” The reality though was in the past year, I’ve pretty much ignored what I needed and wanted for the sake of others in my life. Don’t get me wrong, my children are my heart and soul. Not a day goes by that I regret pouring into them the very best of me. To be honest, I take pride in pouring into my family, clients at work, my friends and my other half. HOWEVER, in the midst of me realizing how I’ve put myself dead last this year, I realized I can’t pour from an empty cup!

As a mother, girlfriend, wife, professional and friend there is NOTHING wrong with giving the people in your life, time, effort and energy. We just tend to forget that we deserve that same time, effort and energy from ourselves. GUILT is a major factor! We feel selfish that we are focusing on ourselves and our needs and not those of the people we care about. Ultimately it leaves us feeling rundown, empty, unappreciated and let’s be honest, a little resentful.

It isn’t up to anyone else to make us happy, whole or meet our needs. It’s our own responsibility!

After, my conversation and bout of thoughts that always seem to intrude and take over, I came up with my own personal 31 day challenge. I will explain how I processed my focus, need and intentions behind my first 31 days of the year.  Here is the method behind the madness….

In 2018 I want to focus more on…

  • My Energy
  • My Goals
  • My Happiness
  • My Needs
  • My Wants

I want to be exactly where MY focus is!

For the first 31 days of the year I want to get in touch with ME, what I feel, what I need and what I want!

A few ideas for my 31 day challenge….

  • Create more silent moments.
  • Becoming quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • Cleanse (body and energy)
  • Fast ( from my phone, noise, distractions, food, gossip, etc.)
  • Take up Yoga
  • Identify anxiety
  • Self-Care
  • Alone time with God.
  • Posting words of affirmations.
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Better eating habits


I have already wrapped my mind around having to explain to the people in my life that this 31 day “SIMPLY ME” Challenge, isn’t a punishment for them! It’s simply preserving my energy for MYSELF because not only do I need it, more importantly I deserve it. These 31 days doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore everyone else! I will just put myself FIRST. If you think about it, it works for everyone. I believe that by the end of this I will become a happier, more focused and centered Vanessa and I can give others the very best of myself.


My intentions behind my 31 day challenge are…

  • Become a happier woman
  • Feel better physically
  • More self confidence
  • Lower anxiety
  • Feeling better prepared
  • Feeling peaceful
  • Starting healthy habits
  • Feeling centered


I’m still considering if I will allow others to see my 31 day challenge, only because I don’t want sharing to become a distraction from myself and my needs as well.

I am giving myself boundaries too so others shouldn’t feel so bad!

Some of the things I’ve started with are words of affirmation, note books to collect my thoughts and feelings/write down and post words of affirmation, A pretty calendar so I can plan my days out (such as time for self-care, avoid over booking, tracking progress.) Sticky notes (for quotes and ideas) and two books that I want to read during the 31 days!

It’s interesting because even just being proactive about making ME A PRIORITY,  has made me feel more calm and centered.


*I’m going to try and track this but if it becomes too much I WILL stop and just meet you back here in the month of February and tell you all about it!



3 thoughts on “31 Day “Simply Me” Challenge

  1. I’m joining you on this challenge. Thanks for sharing it. Excited for an amazing new year beginning with this intimate January with myself.

    1. That’s exciting! I hope that you get a lot of clarity and peace from your 31 day challenge. I’ve already started and I’m uncovering some pretty interesting details that I have been ignoring! Feel free to check in and let me know how it’s going! ; ) beautifulshadesofme@gmail.com Happy New Year!

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