My golden FIND for today is a wonderful woman by the name of Emi Valerio. Initially her instagram struck me because of her passionate quotes!


After striking up a conversation with her, I discovered that she isn’t only intelligent but also a sweet heart. Emi is a life-coach, Testimonial Speaker and Author of Say Yes To You! In a YouTube video she describes a break-up after a 6 month engagement that led to self discovery and motivation to set a good example for her sisters as well as other women. I relate to that because of my own hardship and find it refreshing to a see a woman know her worth! Emi, came out of the other side of the situation stronger and an inspiration. I am very impressed with SHECOMMANDS.COM and the intention behind her brand. CHECK HER OUT!

Places you can find SHECOMMANDS by Emi Valerio…



img_1372                                                           img_1373



2 thoughts on “SHECOMMANDS.COM

  1. Monique Reyes says:

    I’m so very proud of you. So excited and can’t wait to meet the new and empowered Vanessa. Sending all my love, support and prayers. You are AMAZING. I’m thankful for you. Live your life with PURPOSE. I truly miss you and your BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT.


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