The 2017 STATS





Today after a Facebook post of appreciation to all of our friends and family that support us, I decided to look at the stats page.

I’m a huge CRY baby, so what I seen made me all choked up!

Here is some back story so you don’t just think I’m a dramatic sap! 

5 months ago, I decided to put a long time dream into motion. Honestly, it started off as just a creative outlet! Back in 2013, I had so many ideas and dreams for Beautifulshadesofme but LIFE got in the way and they were all put on hold. In July I decided to slowly start rolling out all of the plans I had so long ago.

Thanks to the help of Terrell, Gene but most importantly our visitors, fellow WordPress bloggers, family and friends in just 5 MONTHS we have reached just about…

3,000 views! 2,030 just in the United States ALONE!



I had to take the time out to say THANK YOU! I for one can say that my transparency wasn’t easy but I knew that the support, habits, mindset and relationships that have helped me could make a difference to so many other people! That is the heart behind the site! It has been fulfilling to have close friends and even people I didn’t know reach out to us as say that our articles have impacted them positively!

The Heart Behind Beautiful Shades of Me




2018 Will be a whole other venture for us, so subscribe to the page so you can get email updates!


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