2017 Peaks and Pits

Being that we have about 19 days or so left in 2017 let’s talk about the pits and peaks and maybe even goals that we would like to accomplish in the coming year.

Let’s think of it as a FRESH start!

Pits – bad/ negative ( lows ) things that have happened

Peaks – good/ positive ( highs ) things that have happened

For starters I have a FEW pits but I will pick the top 2. The first pit I would say is losing some family members and seeing my husband lose not one but two of his close friends this year. Seeing my husband hurt as bad as he was hurting when one of his best friends Ej passed was definitely a pit. It made me feel so helpless. Not only was my husband suffering with Ej’s death but hearing my best friend Nessa cry and hurt but not being able to hug her was also very tough. My second pit I would say is letting some friendships that I thought would be in my life forever, go.. some people come with expiration dates sad to say but it’s true. You outgrow relationships and they just can’t move on into the next chapter of your life if they just aren’t ready to improve with you, to do better for themselves.

Now for my peaks I have quite a few but I will touch on my top 3. First, this year has given me a better relationship with my sisters. Our relationship was rocky for some time and I can now say that my sisters are my best friends. This year I was given some situations that I wouldn’t know how to get through if I didn’t have them in my corner. My second peak is getting a piece of myself back. After having my two kids I focused so much on them and sort of let Gene behind. This year I focused on working to get MYSELF back. I am not just the mom and wife. I loved the old me that would get all dressed up with no where to go, the me that got myself together with out rushing to get dressed. I actually put time into myself and I’m at a place where I feel good inside and out.

I saved the best for last

My biggest peak of 2017 is getting a new addition to the Morgan Team that will make an appearance in April of next year. Yes I’m going to be a mommy again for the third time and I’m super excited and can’t wait to meet my little guy.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for me in 2018. I hope that God has the same plan that I have for 2018 which is to move to North Carolina and get my workout going after I have my sweetie. What are some of your pits or peaks and goals for next year?

Comment below and let’s leave things behind and go into the new year fresh!!

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