Update on Gene πŸ’•

Hey guys !

I’m back! Some of you may have been wonder where’s Gene? What’s she up to? And the truth is – ALOT!

With my two toddlers taking up most of my time I work part time at a grocery store and with the holidays approaching I’m trying to get as many hours at work as I can! So basically, when my husband comes in one door I’m out the other. And when i do have a day off or free time I can’t really ever decide what i want to do. Take a nap? Clean some more? Watch tv and get some alone time? Or have some more family time.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone but please know i haven’t forgotten about our supporters! I will be posting some news soon so don’t miss out.

P.S — I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving now it’s countdown for Christmas !!!

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