“The All You Can Eat Is A Good Time.”

Sushi is for sure an acquired taste. Mrs. Lally ( my momma ) isn’t a fan of branching out so I don’t know where I got this adventurous spirit from. Obviously, I’m BIG on seafood! My late father and very Hispanic mother and sisters had little Vanessa eating things like whole lobster and octopus. Needless to say I’M A FOODIE! Sushi is one of those things that bring me to my happy place, however, I don’t have many people in my life to share such joys. To make matters worse, my sweetheart doesn’t deviate from his 5 favorite foods! Lord Help Me. What works in my favor is my sweetie is willing to at least try the things that bring me pure happiness!

“All of that to say more often than not, I WANT SUSHIIIIIII.”


Sushi Mizu is a quiet, dimly lit restaurant in New Haven. That alone is a major plus forimg_0948 a low key night out. I’ve been going for years, and I’ve always been greeted with a smile and warm hello. Over the years, I have expanded the different types of sushi that I eat. Staff at Sushi Mizu are very patient as you review that menu for your hundredth time.

My go to selections are eel avocado and shrimp tempura. I normally get side eyes when I tell people I eat eel but hey, I was eating octopus at like 5 years old! Eel, Octopus, what the hey. The Eel avocado roll at Sushi Mizu is one of the best I’ve had! I also ventured out during this visit and had the Butterfly Roll (Soybean paper, lobster, mango, crunchy avocado with mango sauce.), Spicy Tuna, Spider Roll (Soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, mayo.) and Dragon Roll(Eel, cucumber top avocado with sweet sauce.)


**Remember, the part I said about my better half trying the things that I love. Well this is how it went. He tried the Eel Avocado, Spicy Tuna and the California Roll. Him and the California Roll weren’t a good match. He drank a lot of ginger ale after that! He agrees to go back for another round. WINNING!

Definitely my go-to sushi restaurant! Check it out and tell us what you think!

Sushi Mizu << CLICK and Check It OUT!















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