Taken for granted

After long days full of washing clothes, cleaning, cooking, breaking up fights, changing diapers, some more cleaning and so much more!

You finally get time for yourself!

When you finally get to take your clothes off? Ones that are filled with you and your two kids sweat, some of their breakfast and lord only knows what else and you get to shower in peace without being rushed nor watched is the best feeling ever. After you shower you catch yourself thinking ” what should I do with this time? Should I go to sleep or should I catch up on some shows that I never get to watch?”

Being a stay at home mom is draining and let’s be honest we don’t get enough credit for doing what we do all day. There is no sick days, no time off, no paychecks, let alone a break. Some times I have good days others are bad. Some weeks there are more bad days than good ones but you seem to always manage to get yourself through it!

Am I the only mom ( not just stay at home ) that thinks to themselves while looking at their kids peacefully sleeping ” Am I doing enough? I wonder what they think of me? ” 

I have times where I look in the mirror and say “I miss the old me.” The old me where I got dressed everyday , hair done nicely, went out to dinner or lunch with the few friends that I had.

But then I smile and think well the two best  blessings that I ever received were my children and even after the long days and the 24/7 tiring scheldule I wouldn’t change a thing!

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